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LGBTQ+ Books

Hi, June is Pride Month so today i’m going to share my top 5 LGBT books i’ve read and then 5 that are on my TBR pile. My recommendations are: PROUD anthology by Juno Dawson +, i have a full review here  Skylarks by Karen Gregory which was my favourite book of 2018. Summer bird…

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Favourite books : Top 10

hi, Something different today this month i haven’t completed anything so far due to being busy on NCS camping ,activities ,late-nights and making new friends but i also may have broken my wrist and will find out Monday 30th as it wont show up till then . So as i cant post a book review…

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Sunshine Blogger Award

  Thank you Lois for nominating me to do this challenge. Its my first time so i am quite excited. So here are my answers to Lois’s 11 questions. What one book would you recommend to everyone? Skylarks by Karen Gregory. Favourite Author? Sara Barnard Beverage of choice whilst reading and writing? a good old…

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