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proud Bookworm and lover of all things books (blogging ,booktube ,listing tbr/upcoming releases, buying ,reading and looking at books , meeting authors and going to events.)

SixForSunday: Yellow Books

HI, This Sunday I am starting the trend that Steph over on created called SixforSunday where i will share 6 of whatever the theme is. This weeks is Yellow books and i’m sharing my top 6. One and Moonrise by Sarah Crossan : she is one of my favourite authors so although i read and…

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Hi, So today i’m starting off a new thread that i hope to start which is my opinion on :(certain subject) , some will be book related and others wont be , as i hope to share  more of my personality and other interests with you guys. Hopefully you like it! Today i’m talking about…

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Hi, I go back to school in 3 weeks so i hope to read at least 6 books up to then. Im not going to set more than that as otherwise i feel pressured but i may read more than 6 if possible.   The 6 i plan to read and am sharing today are: Boy with…

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Hi, This year i went to YALC all 3 days with my friend Courtney and wow did we have a great time even though we are both dying now. Today i’ll be sharing all the books i’ve bought and share my views on YALC this year. Hope you enjoy! Firstly, on Friday we were extremely…

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YALC Mini Book Reviews

Hi, On holiday I managed to read 5 amazing books plus finishing The Paper and Hearts Society which I am mini reviewing today as well due to YALC being in just 4 days. The paper and hearts society is a great  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ read.This is an amazing literary book that everyone needs to read. I absolutely loved…

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