Today I will be reviewing the    .5  read Jack Kerouac is dead to me by Gae Polisner. Thank you to Wednesday Books for the NETGALLEY proof.

Jack Kerouac is Dead to Me_Cover

Fifteen-year-old JL’s life used to be filled with carnival nights and hot summer days with her best friend Aubrey. Together, they were unstoppable. But they aren’t the friends they once were.With JL’s father gone on long term business, and her mother struggling with her mental illness, JL takes solace in the tropical butterflies she raises, and in her new, older boyfriend, Max Gordon. Max may be rough on the outside, but he has the soul of a poet . Only, Max is about to graduate, and he’s going to hit the road – with or without JL. But what if devoting herself to Max not only means betraying her parents, but permanently losing her best friend? 

This her fifth book and it definitely lives up to her standards. Although not my favourite of hers the story was unique and JL as a character felt very realistic.

I loved the layout of JL writing to Aubrey in a letter format explaining why they are no longer friends. It deals with questions most 15 year olds will ask themselves and is a great exploration of finding who you are.

I must say personally I didn’t really understand the butterflies and felt they were quite a central part of the book which I did not connect with. However I have seen many people who have loved this aspect.

Thanks for reading.


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