SixForSunday: Books I Think Should be Studied


Todays posts prompt was Books I think should be studied in school.

I live in England where we mostly study very old literature of mainly men which is ok but once you’ve studied Macbeth three times it gets a bit boring. We also usually study old individual poems and plays and i would prefer it if they were current authors that tackle taboo or diverse subjects such as Mental illness, disabilities, People of colour and LGBTQ+.

6 books I would like to be studied are:

1.Anything by Sarah Crossan in the Poetry section as she has tackled many issues with her books. I loved One and Moonrise specifically.

2.The Poet X By Elizabeth Acevedo is a great verse novel that would benefit our students to be more open and kinder to everyone.

3.All the things we never said  by Yasmin Rahman as it deals with suicide which is a growing problem within society due to pressures so it would be great as a conversation opener as well as the fact the whole concept of this book is unique as well as dealing with other relating issues.

4.The hate you give by Angie Thomas as it deals with black culture in America and the issues they face with the law system out there and we could even compare it to over her in England.It also has a great film to watch along side it.

5.LGBTQ+ novels i don’t just have one recommendation as there are so many great ones available I just feel this is topic that should be read and studied in schools to create more awareness, understanding and support for everyone in the community. It would make school children more comfortable. A few of my favourites are Leah On the Offbeat, The miseducation of cameron post and the Noah cant even series.

6.Wonder by R.J.Palicio as it shows not everyone is the same and tackles disfigurement, bullying and friendships which would be great for children to study in primary school so they are kinder to others.

Thanks so much for reading, Id be so  grateful if you liked and subscribed! What books do you wish you could study in school?





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  1. I agree with you. Would be nice to study something more up to date. Just reading The Hate You Give. I am thinking this would be an Excellant choice. Would like to see the film.

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