Blogmas DAY 6 : Favourite Christmas Films


Me and My mum love sitting down and watching films together and especially at  Christmas time. So, today i’m going to tell you our favourites that maybe you can watch this season.

  1. The Holiday : Dumped and depressed, English Iris agrees to swap homes with similarly unlucky in love Californian Amanda for a much-needed break. Iris finds herself in a Hollywood mansion while Amanda navigates the lanes of a picture-perfect English village. Soon enough, both lovelorn ladies bump into local lads perfect for a romantic pick-me-up
  2. Nativity 1 & 3 : A primary school teacher is given the task of directing the school’s Nativity play even though he hates Christmas. Thats when MR Poppy comes along and creates mayhem.The pupils at St Bernadette’s primary school are on their best behaviour for the arrival of strict new teacher Mr Shepherd. But when he loses his memory, it’s up to the kids to save the day
  3. The Christmas Chronicles on NETFLIX : Siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce hatch a scheme to capture Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. When the plan goes awry, the kids join forces with a somewhat jolly Saint Nick and his loyal elves to save the holiday before it’s too late.
  4. Miracle on 34th Street : Six-year-old Susan Walker  is skeptical of the Christmas myth surrounding Santa Claus due to her mum Dorey. When tasked with hiring the Santa who will pose with kids at Macy’s, Dorey enlists a man with the curious name of Kris Kringle who claims to be Santa himself. His assertions are met with scoffs and threats but a young lawyer, along with Susan and Dorey, comes to his defense.
  5. Love actually : Nine intertwined stories examine the complexities love. David (Hugh Grant) is the handsome newly elected British prime minister who falls for a young junior staffer Sarah, a graphic designer whose devotion to her mentally ill brother complicates her love life, and Harry (Alan Rickman), a married man tempted by his attractive new secretary.
  6. A dog named Christmas : A young man decides to spread some Christmas cheer after adopting an adorable golden Labrador for the holidays.

Thanks for Reading, If you haven’t already id love for you to check out my other posts. Its great seeing new people and regular readers too.


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