Ya Book Review : Floored + Who wrote Who?


Floored by Sara Barnard , Holly Bourne , Tanya Byrne , Non Pratt , Melinda Sailsbury , Lisa Williamson and Eleanor Wood is a very good ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

I couldn’t put this book down even before my prom!👇🏻

I Loved this book in terms of layout , characters and plot. The one thing i was hesitant and didn’t like too much was the fact it was written from 7 different pov . I don’t know why but my brain gets confused with that many voice representations . I did know this going in but its written by 7 of the best ya authors so i obviously had to read it. I did love it but thats the one thing that i personally wasn’t very keen on. Although i must admit due to the writing style of these authors it was easier than i anticipated and when i reached half way i was gripped and invested into the characters feelings and journeys.

I must say i was reading this whilst doing my own work experience so i did find that quite coincidental and definitely added to my understanding and experience of the novel. Each of their experiences was different and brought them together each year afterwards. Small parts of the book were comical however it mostly deals with hard hitting topics in a easy read/light hearted way.

This book was an emotional roller coaster and you can relate to all the characters at some point in the book.

Im not giving any hints out to the books storylines but 100% go read this book NOW.

My guesses for who wrote who are:

Dawson: Holly Bourne

Velvet : Non Pratt

Joe : Eleanor Wood

Sasha : Tanya Byrne

Hugo : Lisa Williamson

Kaitlyn : Sara Barnard 

Narrator : Melinda Sailsbury

I am lucky enough to be on the Blog Tour for this amazing book. Where 7 of us bloggers all wrote our own chapter based off an opening line in the novel. Below is my sneak peek. if you want to read my chapter involving a lie,friendships lgbt and a hard hitting subject please follow me on here or socials and my post will be up on the 15th July. Thank you so much for all your support!

 Floored Collab


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  1. I **LOVE** that you post pics of you reading…with your doggie by your side. I used to read in a tree when I was a kid personally, occasionally with a kitty nearby.

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