YA Book Review : The definition of us


The definition of us by Sarah Harris is a ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5


I loved the concept of this book and the journey all 4 characters went on. However i feel it was a slow pace and was dragged out.

Although hard to continue i persevered and I did enjoy the characters as I feel they were portrayed realistically for ASD, Eating disorders,Depression,Anxiety and ADHD.I also could relate to many of these characters as i have struggled with MH too. So parts of this book i loved due to relating to myself.

I also found myself rooting for the relationship between Jasper and Florence. This was the one aspect where i enjoyed the slow pace as it felt more like something would progress in the real world. Which i guess would be the same for the journey too however i just would of liked a bit more to happen throughout.

My favourite character was Actually Andrew as i feel he brought the most to the story even though its written in the voice of Florence. Andrew was comical in terms of his logical and literal ways (LIKE ME) and showed a great insight into Autism .

The saviour for me was that there was a lot of speech in the book between characters. In my opinion it held the book together because if there hadn’t been as much dialogue i think i may have been bored and not been able to finish it. This helped it flow better and made the readers connect to the characters so i wanted to see what happened for each at the end.

This novel i feel is  based mainly on characters instead of plot or both evenly. Which i think i found i didn’t enjoy as much. However if that is something you like then it is a very good book and a great read of mental illnesses.

Overall this book was a good mh book and a journey of friendships and recovery.


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  1. I like books with a lot a dialogue myself (must be my screenwriter background). SO much info about a character can be revealed through dialogue – what a character says or doesn’t say, how she or he says it, etc.

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