YA Book Review : BookShop Girl


Bookshop Girl by Chloe Coles is a definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Firstly a big thanks to Chloe for sending me an early copy ☝🏻 and being so lovely to chat too!

Bookshop girl is the perfect book for any book lover as the setting is in a bookshop and It mentions blogging.

Two other reasons why I loved it so much were The location  is Milton Keynes which is my nearest shopping centre and Also Art was a big part in the connections made which is my second passion. I could totally relate with her feelings when at posers and in Colemans stationary shop as that is totally me too.

Paiges determination makes the reader feel involved and just as upset about Bennetts closing. The fact that she starts a fundraising Paige is a great thing to read about and follow as its something frequently used nowadays to get suppport in difficult times.

I love Paiges voice and character especially the relationship between her and Blaine. It is extremely cute to read and engaging. The running theme throughout is Paige being forgetful clumsy and awkward around him which makes their journey hilarious and great to read. However by the end I didn’t like Blaine very much at all.

Even the background characters of Holly , Jamie , Adam and other co workers are portrayed individually in personality and it gives the reader a clear image of what Paige is facing and who / how these people act. As well as this the bond between Paige and the older generation at posers was beautiful and refreshing to read.

The modern language used makes it realistic . As well as this the humour of Paiges first person narrative and dialogue making it such an easy and enjoyable read.

Lastly, the strong girl vibes throughout are fun and positive to read which makes you love Paige even more!


Overall Book Shop girl is an amazing Ya contemporary and romance that deals with a Great topic and remains funny throughout.

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